Net Guard Premium program to cut off the Internet from applications

. November 05, 2022 December 30, 2022
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Description: The NetGuard program, with the spread of Internet users and its great importance to everyone, we can not dispense with connecting the Internet to mob
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 The NetGuard program, with the spread of Internet users and its great importance to everyone, we can not dispense with connecting the Internet to mobile phones through well-known Internet packages, and on the other hand, we need to download applications and games from the Google Play Store and these applications consume a large amount of Internet packages quickly.

Net Guard Premium

 Among these applications and programs, some of them work in the background of the system and require to be connected to the Internet, in addition to consuming a large amount of the package without your knowledge, so users are looking for a solution to this problem, which costs them a lot in charging Internet packages, so here is a solution to this problem by following you for this article.

 A distinct solution has been launched, the NetGuard program, which cuts off the Internet from unnecessary programs and applications that you choose by creating a firewall to prevent Internet access to it. Therefore, you can provide the data consumed from the package to run these applications, so how does this application work? Can you download and play it on your mobile phone?

A Brief Introduction to NetGuard

It is one of the distinguished applications that all users need on their mobile phones, as this wonderful application works to save your phone data and maintain the Internet package, by blocking the Internet from large, unimportant applications and games that consume a large amount of Internet on Android,

And setting up a firewall that prevents the Internet from connecting to these applications that you specify yourself, as this application does not need root powers on your phone in order to do its job ..

Main Features of NetGuard no-root firewall

NetGuard contains many features that made it liked by millions of users for its ease of use in preventing the applications that the user selects from connecting to the Internet, and the most important of these features are:

NetGuard is easy to use, hassle-free and you can handle it without restrictions.

The application to cut off the net for programs does not contain annoying ads.

This application has a great design and an excellent interface.

Preserving the phone battery as it does not consume the battery for long hours, as it works to save data and maintain the Internet package.

An outstanding application that won the admiration of millions of users, and received many positive comments and ratings, which is why the number of downloads increased.

It is available for free without paying any fees or material costs on the largest known electronic store, which is the Google Play Store, where you can download it with ease.

NetGuard blocks the net from unimportant large applications and games on Android, which consume a large area of ​​the Internet, with your permission.

The application to cut off the net from programs allows users to create a firewall to prevent applications from connecting to the Internet.

This application is of a suitable size and does not require a large space on your phone, in addition to that it does not consume the phone battery.

Steps to download NetGuard app for Android

Downloading the NetGuard application is one of the most important applications that you must download on your smart device. For this, you can download the application for Android from the Google Play Store by following the following steps:

To download the Net Guard Premium application, click here

When the application icon appears in the search results, press “INSTALL” to install the application on the device.

When the NetGuard download process is complete, it appears directly on your device, so you can run it at any time.

NetGuard offers simple and advanced ways to block internet access - no root required. Apps and addresses can be individually allowed or denied access to a Wi-Fi and/or mobile connection.

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