Who Are We

. September 29, 2022

 Welcome, my visitor, to the Explanation Pro Blog

We are happy to be here and we are pleased to present our humble experience and put it in your hands so that the benefit to everyone.

Explanation Pro Blog A technical blog that is interested in explanations of applications and programs and new technology companies in addition to courses on profit from the Internet, whether by creating websites on Blogger or creating YouTube channels and profit from them or other methods and secrets of work.

As for the sections of the Code, it has several sections that can be updated and increased every period, and it is currently as follows:

First Section: Technical Department

Everything related to new companies, phones, and the latest updates falls under this section.

The second section: Profit from the Internet

This section is concerned with talking about profit-making applications, profit-making sites, and methods of profit from the Internet in general.

Section Three: Blogger Course

It details how to create a blog on Blogger, link it with Google Adsense, and profit from it.

Fourth Section: Explanations of Adsense

How to create an AdSense account and link it to the YouTube channel and Blogger blog, and how to deal with and add ads.

Section Five: Applications

It contains explanations of many mobile applications, their features, benefits, and their method of operation.

Section VI: Programs

Some computer programs and how they work.

Section Seven: Technical

Technical topics in general.

Section VIII: Miscellaneous

In some cases, we may have to add topics outside the general content of the blog, so we put them in this section bypassing.

Section nine: the best ways to lose weight in general.

These are blog topics and sections and are subject to modification at any time.

Thank you for your presence with us, and we hope that we will meet your expectations and provide everything that benefits you and serves you.